What are card benefits?

For users of credit and affinity cards here is a guide to some of the more common benefits. As with all benefits, it is important that you review your certificate of Insurance with details concerning terms, condition and exclusions.
If you have any doubts about the coverage provided or want clarification of any part of the policy, contact the insurance company issuing the policy or the administrator of the policy. The summary below is a general outline of common benefits.

What is extended warranty?

Extended warranty coverage extends the free repair period offered by the manufacturer’s original written warranty (usually doubled, for a maximum of one additional year). Extended warranty applies to most products with a manufacturer’s original written warranty and provides the same benefits as the original warranty.

What is purchase protection/purchase security?

With purchase protection/purchase security, purchases are protected for a period (usually 90-days) against most risks of direct physical loss or damage, provided the item was purchased using an eligible credit card. If the item is stolen or damaged, it will either be replaced, repaired, or the customer may be reimbursed the purchase price, at the insurance company’s discretion.

What is collision/loss & damage insurance (CDW or CLDI insurance)?

Provided the customer charges the full cost of their car rental to their eligible card, the collision/loss damage insurance benefit will insure the rental car against physical loss or damage to the same extent that the vehicle would be covered had the customer taken the rental car agency’s collision and/or loss damage waiver. This benefit can save customers the rental agency’s CDW/CLDI fee of around $15 per day, and to activate this benefit, the customer need only charge the car rental to the eligible credit card, and decline the collision damage waiver or similar option offered by the rental company.

What is common carrier travel accident insurance?

Common carrier travel accident insurance is provided at no extra cost when a cardholder charges a designated portion of the purchase price of train, plane, bus or boat tickets to an eligible card. Card issuers generally require the full cost of these “common carrier” fares be charged to their card, however some credit cards extend benefits when at least 75% or more is charged. Specific sums are provided for death ($100,000 and above), with a schedule of lesser sums certain life changing injuries.

What is out-of-province/country travel emergency medical insurance?

There are two types of coverage available to customers:

‘Blanket coverage’ is paid for by the credit card issuer and provides customers with emergency medical insurance with a specific number of days coverage while travelling out of their province or territory of residence. Generally, blanket travel medical insurance provides coverage for trips of 15 days, 22 days or 31 days in duration, and most limit coverage to those 65 years of age and under but may offer shorter coverage durations for people 65 years of age and older. Also, be sure to check the Certificate of Insurance to see if purchasing additional coverage for longer trips is permitted.

‘Optional coverage’ allows the customer to enrol in one of two plans:
Per Trip coverage for the specific number of days of a planned trip, up to 182 days; or Annual Plan provides coverage for an unlimited number of trips during a 12-month policy year, subject to a maximum number of days per trip, most commonly, 8, 15, 17, 22 or 31 days. Annual Plans tend to allow customers to purchase extension or top-up coverage, for example, a customer with an 8-day Annual Plan could purchase an additional 6-days coverage if they were taking a two week trip.

It is important to note that travel medical insurance only covers medical emergencies. In addition, most plans insist that the customer notify the assistance company within 48 hours of hospital admission.

What is trip cancellation insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance will reimburse the customer for eligible expenses which are not refundable or reimbursable if the customer needs to cancel their trip due to one of several eligible ’causes’ prior to a scheduled departure. The amount payable is subject to a maximum, for example $2,500 per person and $10,000 per trip. In order to be eligible for this benefit, the customer must charge the entire cost of their trip to their card, although some cards permit the charging of less that 100%.

What is trip interruption insurance?

Trip interruption insurance will reimburse the customer the cost of a one-way economy fare to return the customer to his or her point of departure as well as the unused portion of any other eligible expenses which are non-refundable. The amount payable is subject to a maximum, generally $2,500 per person and $10,000 per trip. In order to be eligible for this benefit, the customer must charge the entire trip to their card, although some cards permit the charging of less that 100%. Trip cancellation/trip interruption is also available as an optional benefit that is purchased at the time you book your travel arrangements (airline tickets, hotel accommodations).

What is emergency medical assistance?

In the event of a medical emergency, the customer will be referred to the nearest physician or medical facility wherever possible. If necessary, this service can help access funds to arrange for payment of medical services. Emergency medical assistance provides for assistance services only and does not provide insurance benefits.

What is lost document and ticket replacement?

In the event of theft or loss of important travel documents or tickets when travelling, the customer can call the assistance centre for help in arranging their replacement.

What is lost luggage assistance?

In the event of theft or loss, the customer can call for assistance to help locate and redirect luggage and other personal items.

What is pre-trip information?

Customers can call and obtain information regarding passport and visa regulations, vaccinations and inoculation requirements for the country they plan on visiting.

What is legal referrals and payment assistance?

Customers requiring legal assistance can contact the assistance company for a referral to a local legal advisor as well as for assistance in arranging bail and the payment of legal fees.

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