How do you measure the value of CSI’s services?

Sometimes large financial institutions weigh the costs of hiring CSI against managing projects internally. Internal costs are hidden and easy to overlook, however you need to ask yourselves the following questions to determine the overall value delivered.

Superior Benefit Design:

Are the benefits you have in place achieving your marketing objectives?
Are you keeping abreast of best practices and how your benefits compare with those of competitors?

Professional Advice:

How sure are you of the quality and currency of your industry information?
Are you aware of trends and changes in how risk is assessed?

Quality Service:

Are you spending excessive time managing internal projects and driving them forward? Is the information sent to managers and customers clear and helpful?
Have service standards and complaints become an issue?

Low Net-Cost:

Are the costs of developing and managing insurance rewards explicit and easy to manage? Are you concerned about the efficiency of service delivery and excess overhead? Are you getting the maximum return on your premium and marketing dollars?

Here is the equation that enables you to quantify service delivery value:


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